Abigail Briley Bean is a screenwriter and director currently finishing her last year towards earning an M.F.A in screenwriting at UCLA where one of her original features, Blondes Die Young, reached the quarterfinals of the Academy’s 2018 Nicholl Fellowship Competition. Her television pilot for a Southern Gothic Noir series, Savage Garden, was selected as a finalist at Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting competition.

Her latest short film, Ingrid, stars Ione Sky and delves into the underworlds of web-camming and dominatrix. She recently worked as one of the directors on“Evil Days,” an omnibus feature film based on a contemporary adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, produced by James Franco and Rabbit Bandini.

Previously, she worked in film and television development for Brian DePalma, Sean Penn, Art Linson, Barry Levinson, Sydney Pollack, and Anthony Minghella.  Some of the films she worked on include— The Black Dahlia, The Runaways, Into the Wild, as well as the television series Sons of Anarchy. 

Her work as a music video director and photographer has been featured on Vice, I-D, IFC, Pitchfork, Purple, The Fader, Hero Mag, and Oyster. 

ABIGAIL by Marion Belle / Miami Beach

ABIGAIL by Marion Belle / Miami Beach





Narrative / US / 2014 / 4mins
Featuring Lauren Alice Avery


Black Saint explores the often overlooked lengths to which a performer goes in creating a transcendent and iconic moment. Her character is inspired by the world's first supermodel, Gia Carangi, and the James McCourt novel "Kaye Wayfaring In Avenged."




Kacy Hill for Flaunt Magazine // 2017 



Narrative / US / 2015 / 10mins
Featuring Ione Skye and Ramona Warren


Music Video / 2014 / 4Mins
Featuring Amber Lucia Propper


Red Sirens // 2017 // For "Revenege of the Crystal" Opening at Sade Gallery L.A. 


Music Video / 2015 / 3Mins
Featuring Sylvia Kochinski


Music Video / 2016 / 4Mins
Featuring Daniella Murphy and Marion Belle


Music Video / 2016 / Subpop Records / 4Mins
Featuring Sonja Kinski